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Terrebonne Community Green Group

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  1. Shirlee Evans

    I am interested in vegetable gardening as a co-operative venture. I have fed my family of two out of our garden for 10 years now. But my schedule is getting crowded. I would like to join with other gardeners to share vegetables. For instance I will grow just green beans, say 3 big rows of them, and I will distribute the harvest with others. Someone else could grow corn, or potatos or tomatos and share those when the harvest time occurs. If I was growing only a single crop I think that would free up some time during the summer.
    Also, I have a good chicken brooder, and may be willing to raise day-old chicks until they are ready to go outside into a pen. I could take orders from folks that want to raise chickens, but don’t have a brooder. The 2 month old pullets would need to be priced to include feed, and electricity for heating the brooder, but they should be economical, say $5-6 per bird.
    I am interested in a green group, and although I live in Redmond, I am willing to travel to Terrebonne for meetings.
    Shirlee Evans

    • dawnrobison

      Hi Shirlee,
      I think you have some wonderful ideas. This is just what I was hopeing for not only with the blog, but with the green group as well. You have a great sugestion about vegetable gardening that I have not even thought of. I am sure many people could benefit from it as well. I plant to have a regular garden, but I would love to take part in vegi swap:) If you would like to e-mail me, I would like to talk more with you. dawnrobison29@yahoo.com
      Thanks for your input, I love it!!!

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