Does anyone know if growing sweet potatoes is the same as growing reg. potatoes?



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  1. To start potatoes, purchase your favorites at the grocery store in mid-winter. Buying organic sweet potatoes improves the chances they will sprout. Let them sit in the pantry and when they begin to sprout, immerse the opposite end in a jar of water. The sprouts, called slips, are what will be plante~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    I found this for you on the internet~~~~Good Luck with your garden!

  2. dawnrobison

    Thank you so much. So you can’t cut it up like a potato and when should you put it in the ground? Do you put the whole thing in the ground? So, the sprouts are called slips, would those be considered more of the roots or the plant? LOL, I feel like a dork with all of my questions. Again, I do appreciate you replying.**Dawn

  3. Hi Dawn…All you gotta do is google….planting sweet potatoes…and it will tell you everything you need to know! *)*

  4. dawnrobison

    Hey Doraz,
    Thanks, I think I have it now. It really helps to “google” rather than some of the other search engines.

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