“The worms are here! The worms are here!”

I am so excited to announce one of my many spring projects is complete. 

 The worm composter is up and running.


The worms have arrived!!!


They came in two recycled margarine containers


My son Cameron was my photographer.  A little blurry, but here are the worms (red wigglers).


Wetting the bedding


moist but not to wet


This is the worm bin I got from a nice woman off of Craigslist.


some scraps we have been putting aside for the worms arrival


Cameron cut up the orange and apple to help the worms along.


We added used coffee grounds, the bedding and finally the worms.


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One response to ““The worms are here! The worms are here!”

  1. Hello,

    Thanks for choosing Dan “the worm man” for your worm composting needs.

    Looking at your pictures. You might want to skip the oranges.

    Citrus is not good for them. Could kill them.

    Thanks again
    Dan “the worm man”

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