The Chicks

Well, I got the chicks a week ago today.  I can’t believe how much they grow in just a week.  I was set on Rhode Island Reds, just because I have had hundreds of them growing up.  Then I was told that the Sexlink is the way to go when it comes to laying.  With that in mind we were off to the store.  I found the Black Sexlinks and to my disappointment they are UGLY.  At least right now.  Well, in a bin of about 50 my Cameron “bonded” with one little Golden Laced Something.  I was sticking firm to only getting 3, so back went a Sexlink.  Then I couldn’t just had to have one of those Silver Laced Somethings, back goes a Sexlink.  So, now we have 3 very feisty chicks, and I already cant wait for to get outside in the coop.  When it is done, but that’s another story.  Oh by the way, we named them.  Golden Laced Something is Crystal (I call her Crystal Gayle), the Silver Laced Something is named Omerosa, and the Black (ugly) Sexlink is Trixy.  Pretty original names if you ask me, but that’s just my family, the dog’s name is Frank!


These cute chicks



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