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Strawberries Anyone?

Ok, ok, in my last post I may have acted like the only good thing I had growing was in a pot by my front door.  Well that’s not the case.  Other things are doing good as well. 

I took a look at the strawberries and to my amazement there were tons, and they needed to be picked ASAP.  So, my daughter went and got the sidewalk chalk buckets and a picking we went.  Soon I found myself yelling for my son to come help as Addi isn’t the best of help yet.  She did say “thank you Mommy/Brother” every time we gave her a berry to put in the bucket.  I thought I would share with you our 1st picking of strawberries.  I cleaned them, cut them and froze them.  I plan on doing the jam thing a little later in the season when I have more.


IMG_1982      IMG_1983


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Container Garden… again

Just thought I would let all of you know what is growing best in my garden.  Hint, it isn’t IN my garden.  I have a few pots filled with salad mixes along my walk way, up to my front door.  My house faces East, so they get the cool morning sun.  Being a cool weather crop, that makes them oh so happy.  I have a few little hoppy friends that have made themselves a home deep in the jungle of the pot.  I don’t mind, and my daughter has to say “Hi froggy” every time we walk by.  So again, don’t have room for a garden?  Sure you do.  Put it in a pot, and it’s not to late for some of it

.Picture of kids 1022Picture of kids 1021

Picture of kids 1024


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