Container Garden… again

Just thought I would let all of you know what is growing best in my garden.  Hint, it isn’t IN my garden.  I have a few pots filled with salad mixes along my walk way, up to my front door.  My house faces East, so they get the cool morning sun.  Being a cool weather crop, that makes them oh so happy.  I have a few little hoppy friends that have made themselves a home deep in the jungle of the pot.  I don’t mind, and my daughter has to say “Hi froggy” every time we walk by.  So again, don’t have room for a garden?  Sure you do.  Put it in a pot, and it’s not to late for some of it

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3 responses to “Container Garden… again

  1. Those look like some very tasty greens- great idea too, I might add.

  2. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I may be moving to the Central Oregon area (from Portland- I need that sun!), so I’ll be reading your blog and keeping track of the weather- any gardening tips for your area would be great- last frost date (approx.), seasonal patterns, etc. Thanks and happy gardening to you!

    • dawnrobison

      I hope that you do end up over here. It took me a bit to get used to the heat (DRY heat) and the cold, but I am well adjusted by now.
      Central Oregon and the growing season. Ahhhh! Well some things I have heard about gardening over here are: Don’t plant until the snow has melted off Black Butte. I am horrible with all of those bumps in the horizon. I have wonderful views of at least 4 Mountains and I couldnt tell you their names. Needless to say, I dont follow that rule to much. The weather really does seem to be so different from year to year. I end up planting early (chomping at the bit) and replanting many times. Not the most cost effective. It seemed like this year was the end of May. Another rule that I do pay attention to is that your corn should be knee high by the forth of July. Everyday I am out there evaluating the progress to see if I am going to make it this year.
      Central Oregon is so up and down with the weather, I swear that every year is trial and error even for the most experienced gardener.
      Keep in touch and let me know if you end up over here.

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