THE Pumpkin

Last year was good for me when it came to pumpkins.  I had a ton of gourds and pumpkins.  This year I have not planted quite so many, but still have high hopes for getting the one.  Last year I not only had a lot of them but, I also had a HUGE pumpkin.  85 lbs. to be exact.  It took 3 of us to get it on the bathroom scale.  I just had to know how big that thing was.  I have never been so proud of something I have grown.  I loved it when people would comment about it or ask if I bought it.

Some of the many pumpkin/gourds from last year
Picture of kids 129

Picture of kids 127

Picture of kids 218

The 85  I have to say the picture doesn’t do it justice

And… this years plant that will give me a even bigger one (I hope).

I have more plants, but I have a feeling about this one.  LOL


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