Reducing Lunch Waste

This year my husband and I have been very good at packing our son a lunch for school.  Of course there is more than one benefit for doing this.  School lunches tend to scare me all together (we will save that for a different time).  Our main reason was to make a conscious change in what we put the food in.

It occurred to me last summer that we would go through quite a few seal-able plastic bags in a week.  I had everything I needed to pack his lunch in a more reusable way, I just had to do it.  I really did wonder if this was going to be one of those great ideas that took off  and later old habits took back over.  Not this one!  We always use reusable containers for lunches now.  I have even cut out all of the box/pouch drinks and switched to a cool camouflage thermos.  That alone made me very excited.  Not only do I get to more closely monitor the sugar going into the growing 6th grader, but I also have NO waste.

You can do this too.  Here are some ideas of things I think might get you started.

If you haven’t visited Etsy yet, do.  This is a website for people to buy and sell handmade goods.  You can even shop by location to support you local community.  At this website, you should check out “reusable bags”

This is a cool company called Built out of New York, making lunch bags fun.  Be sure and check out their many other products.



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2 responses to “Reducing Lunch Waste

  1. We pack my 3rd grade daughter’s lunch in Tupperware. They make a great square sandwich box, in addition to the traditional round containers -perfect for yogurt- and snack size containers. We also pack a napkin and spoon each day, but forego a drink (that’s what water fountains are for, right?). Every Friday we go to school to eat with her and it’s horrifying to see the amount of waste generated by the other kids there (food and packaging).

    However, when the kids take field trips, the teachers have to emphasize to us that everything in the packed lunch needs to be disposable because they won’t let the kids carry around their lunchbag all day. That is a real disappointment to me.

    • dawnrobison

      Hi Liana,
      I completely understand where you are coming from with your school lunch frustrations. It is almost unbearable to see how much is thrown away without a second thought. It is infuriating to me how the schools for the most part do not even have recycling bins for the children to use. And, don’t get me started on a composting.

      Grrrr…field trips. I know, the kids are always having to bring something. It is never JUST a disposable lunch. They have their jackets or sweaters. It would not be that hard when they are done with their lunch to put it back on the bus in their seat, probably where they left the rest of their stuff.

      Thanks for your input. It is so encouraging that there is more people who have the same concerns and choose to do something about it.

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