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3 responses to “Contact Information

  1. Kendra

    Hey Dawn,

    How are your green ventures coming? It sounds like, great. I am bummed I missed the food preservation class through OSU. I am seriously thinking about starting a vegetable garden this year and was hoping to successfully produce a crop that will feed the fam for the entire year through canning and freezing. Also, I had a question about your worms. Are you using them to help make compost, chick food, or both? Just curious. I need to get a compost bin going on the double. Also, in bed prep for the garden I need some manure. Do you have any leads as to where I might be able to find some to mix with soil for the garden?

    I won’t have much time this year for a garden, but really want to do some canning. My hubby, Ben said he would do the first garden. So we will see how it goes. But, I definately feel like we don’t have a clue what we are doing. Any advice you can give would be great.

    Kendra your bunco sis and neighbor.

  2. meadowlark

    I’m just wondering what side of the mountain you’re on? West? or East?

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