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Spring is calling my name

Spring is calling my name…and this is how I know

winter 009

Addi Kay and I took a trip to the back yard.  I looked for new growth and she went to her sand box and “planted seeds”.

winter 012

Succulents are making a comeback in my yard.

winter 015

The Pussy Willow Tree is beginning to bloom

winter 010

And…all of the bulbs have emerged

*sigh and smile*


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k0569132I just wanted to thank everyone for your thoughts on the questions I have been asking  (SARCASM). 

But really, I would like to thank Ann for her advise on digging up the bulbs.  She told me to “do it”.  So I did.  Almost all of them were sprouting out of the ground, and I took them all!  I smiled the whole time because I was gardening, even if it was more of a tease than anything.   That was over a week ago and I have success, even blooms!  So if you have a rental and feel like you have been cheated out of your bulbs, go back (remember to call first and let them know you are coming), dig those bulbs up and reclaim what is yours  damn it!  

(just my opinion, and maybe Ann’s)

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Guess What?




The gardening stuff is coming out.  Bi-Mart (I love) has potato, onion and garlic.  Of course I bought them.  Everyone is getting there seeds out.   All this means in Central Oregon of course is that they are getting my hopes up to plant and I will fail and have to do it all over again.  It seems to be a yearly tradition.  I am serious this year.  No kidding around with the garden.  The weather WILL cooperate and those plants WILL produce like no other.  Right?  Right!

Moral of the story is that you should not be fooled by those evil stores.  It’s not time.  Bummer.

Question for anyone that knows the answer: 

Can I transplant my mixed  spring bulbs from my rental to my home right now?  There mine and I want them back!!! LOL

Where can I get Bone Meal and Blood Meal the cheapest?

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