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The Chicken Coop… Part 1

Another one of my “spring” projects is a chicken coop.  I am sure this will be quite the undertaking because it has to fit all of my chickens.  That’s right all 2 of them.  I only really need one, but I couldn’t let her be lonely.  I am not sure what I am more excited about the fresh eggs or the poo for my compost!

Today Jim, Cam, Addi and I went to pick up the wood to start the project.  Huge Thank You to our long time friends the Capps Family!!!  I am pretty indecisive so I know how big the coop will be and the rest I will figure out along the way.  I am sure that’s how all great plans start, right???  This is Part 1 for a reason, be prepared for the play by plays.


The Chicken Coop 2-15-09


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