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Happy Earth Day!

I hope you all feel like this is your day!  I sure do.

I know it is Wednesday and it is still the middle of the work week, but be sure to do something great today for our planet.  Check with your city’s website and see what is going on this weekend in honor of Earth Day.  Redmond Oregon has it’s annual litter pick up in the canyon.  Head on down there and take part, you will feel so good about what you have done.  Be sure and include everyone, the kids and all of their friends can only make for a more exciting day. 



Well, the garden is 1/2 in.  I cant wait for the rest of it.  Don’t forget to leave a little room for regular reseeding.  We want to be able to enjoy our garden as long as possible, not just all at once.  I feel so accomplished, I can hardly stand it.  I really do feel like that is my baby out in the corner.  I am trying rows this year for the firs time.  My friend Ann gave it a shot last year and is totally pro row girl now.

The chicks pullets are doing well, I swear I will get the coop picks up soon.  I am working on a huge project that I cant wait to tell all of you about, just not quite yet.  Anyway, big personality’s (those 3 girls).  Trixy is my fave.  Then Omerosa and Crystal.  Yesterday Trixy started squawking very loud.  I have just recently been letting them out of the coop as I don’t have the pen built yet.  I ran over there to find that she had been around the corner from the others and started to panic.  She is now known as the chick that cries wolf.  The next couple of times that happened, I didn’t run.

I put up my clothes line.  I put the clothes out @ 8:00 last night and pulled them in this morning, I love this weather.  I thinkI have convinced my husband that laundry doesn’t have to be done every day, we can shoot for every other day.  Baby Steps, I guess that is what it is all about.

Again, Have a Great Earth Day and actually embrace it and everything that it stands for!!!



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Close to gettin’ kicked out

You remember those 3 cute chicks that I had to have?  Well, I would call them pullets now not “cute chicks”.  I feel that I do have to go on the record and tell everyone that Trixy (the one that was so ugly I serious contemplated taking her back) is still not beautiful, but by far has the biggest personality.  Glad I didn’t send her back, she is kind of funny.  Anyway, the coop is almost done and I cant wait to throw them out.  I am ready to have my laundry room back.  weather permitting, Cam and I are going to paint the coop this weekend.  Come on weather, work with me.  

I hope you all have big plans for the weekend.  Get outside. 

I thought I’d better give a worm update.  They are doing great!  All are alive and counted for. 

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The Chicks

Well, I got the chicks a week ago today.  I can’t believe how much they grow in just a week.  I was set on Rhode Island Reds, just because I have had hundreds of them growing up.  Then I was told that the Sexlink is the way to go when it comes to laying.  With that in mind we were off to the store.  I found the Black Sexlinks and to my disappointment they are UGLY.  At least right now.  Well, in a bin of about 50 my Cameron “bonded” with one little Golden Laced Something.  I was sticking firm to only getting 3, so back went a Sexlink.  Then I couldn’t just had to have one of those Silver Laced Somethings, back goes a Sexlink.  So, now we have 3 very feisty chicks, and I already cant wait for to get outside in the coop.  When it is done, but that’s another story.  Oh by the way, we named them.  Golden Laced Something is Crystal (I call her Crystal Gayle), the Silver Laced Something is named Omerosa, and the Black (ugly) Sexlink is Trixy.  Pretty original names if you ask me, but that’s just my family, the dog’s name is Frank!


These cute chicks


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The Chicken Coop… Part 2

I am sure that all of you are impatiently awaiting an update on The Chicken Coop. LOL.  Well, we have made progress.  But, I fear I am at a standstill at the moment.  You see, just so you know this is “my” project.  What does that mean?  Well, that means that I am supposed to fund  it and my husband (who has never raised a chicken in his life) will build it with his great ideas of how it should be.  If I am funding it and even if I am not, I am pretty sure it will be my way.  So, I sort of pay for it and he gives his input and I tell him howwe will do it.  So far so good.  But, now it is raining and I can’t make up my mind about some details, so it sits.  Jim keeps saying “you only have a few days, so you better figure it out”.  He must think that I am actually going to put those baby chicks and one duck in the coop right away.  NO!  They are staying in the house.  We will have to see how that goes???  so, here it is.  I promise it WILL be pretty when I’m done with it

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