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I have entered my baked goods in the fair and am awaiting the judging outcome.  My son, Cameron also entered a couple of things this year as well. 

Nothing much is going on in the garden, just sucking up tons of water because of the heat.  They love the heat though.  I am getting pumpkins galore, gourds too.  Lots of green tomatoes, none red yet.  The corn is huge and is producing well so far.  Not ready to pick though. 

The chickens have started laying.  Little baby eggs.  There are really cute.  My little girls are becoming hens.


Crystal, Omerosa, and Trixy

The clothes don’t take long to dry on the clothesline because it is so hot.  I do love the clothesline.


Potty Training

My compost would be complete if I would leave it alone and quit adding to it.  I have a couple of pumpkins I allowed to stay growing in it.  I have finally been able to construct a second story home for the worms.  If I could only get them to move out of the first story just a bit quicker, that would be great.  They are movin’ on up SLOWLY.  Mostly the baby worms for now.


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I know I have posted before to think about what to enter in your county fair, well, I am back and bringing it up again.  So, for all of you in Deschutes County, it is time. 

If you want to sign up on-line all you do is go to http://www.expo.deschutes.org/

You will see a blue ribbon EntryCenterRibbon (this one).  Click on the ribbon to sign up for your open class entries.

Below the ribbon you will see a bookpremiumbookicon(this one).  Click on the book to find out everything you can enter in open class. 

This will be everything you need to find  what to enter in the fair and get you signed up.  If you would rather do it in person, you can pick up a hard copy of the premium book @ the OSU Extension Office or any Les Schwab.  Just fill out the form inside to the OSU Extension Office (located at the Deschutes County Fair Grounds)

If you cant get something entered in the fair then just come and be supportive and enjoy the sun (but wear sunscreen) haha.



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The County Fair, that’s right, the fair!


OK, I know that is onlys  March but I think it is time to start planning for your county fair entries. 

I have always been involved in the fair.  When I was younger I spent many weeks at the Coos County Fair.  I felt very comfortable in the livestock barn, the poultry barn, and all of those other buildings that contained flowers, vegetables, and photography.  I have put a whole plethora of things in that fair.  With the Coos County Fair in mind, I decided to make the move and enter random things in the Deschutes County Fair (slightly bigger than the Coos Co. Fair).  I couldn’t possibly do this alone, so I had Cameron partake as well.  Besides, when the kids have an entry @ the fair, they get in FREE!  Whoo Hoo!  So, Cam found a recipe in a Paula Deen Cookbook and made a bird feeder in the “Recycled Art” category.  I thought I had some recipes that were worth presenting and some great shots of the kids.   I thought my bread was to die for, not just because I think so, I have been told so (I wouldn’t want you to think I am vain).  What did I win @ that  fair???NOTHING, that’s right, zip.  Cam on the other hand (and Paula Deen) did well with a 2nd place ribbon (that means $$$, people).  Once I got off of my high horse, I decided I will be back with a vengeance in 2009.  I’m all over it this year, small town girl is ready for the “big” fair!

The Relevance:     Well, I think everyone should be involve.  Seriously, if you are thinking “I cant do anything”, there’s a category for you.  Anyone can do something at the fair.  So, start thinking about what you will be putting in your county fair, and do it,



this site might help if you are in Deschutes Co.

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