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My Garden

I thought I would give everyone an update on my garden as of today.  We have been having storms lately (thunder, lightening, wind & rain).  I have read that other gardens have been traumatized by them, but somehow mine has come out just fine. 

 I am currently trying to figure out what additive my plants are needing now.  I am having a little trouble with blossom end rot.  I noticed it a little on my tomatoes, but mostly with my peppers.  About a month ago I dug holes next to each of my tomatoes and placed banana peels in them.  I think they really liked that. 

The corn is doing well, nothing exciting to report on it yet.
The tomatoes are loving the heat and see to be doing very well.  Just waiting on RED ones.
The peppers are going crazy, but I need to address the blossom end rot with them.  I have a lot of flowers on the banana peppers but no peppers yet.  All the others have been producing.

The potatoes are popping out of the ground, some still green.  I just keep covering them up.  I think between the storms and the hens they have had a little help finding their way out of the soil.
The carrots are doing great.  I pull one every once in a while just to see.
Pumpkins are taking off.  I have quite a few.  A couple are turning already.  My JUMBO one that I have been waiting on is finally getting big.  Wasn’t the plant that I thought it was going to be though.  Oh well!  As long as I get one HUGE one, I am happy.

The gourds, like the pumpkins are doing great.
The strawberries took a bit of a hiatus, but are on their way back, I think I will have some that need to be picked today.

The snap peas have just started producing.  I just picked my first 3 this morning.

Cucumbers are good.  Picked my first lemon cucumber today.

The onions are getting bigger.


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Strawberries Anyone?

Ok, ok, in my last post I may have acted like the only good thing I had growing was in a pot by my front door.  Well that’s not the case.  Other things are doing good as well. 

I took a look at the strawberries and to my amazement there were tons, and they needed to be picked ASAP.  So, my daughter went and got the sidewalk chalk buckets and a picking we went.  Soon I found myself yelling for my son to come help as Addi isn’t the best of help yet.  She did say “thank you Mommy/Brother” every time we gave her a berry to put in the bucket.  I thought I would share with you our 1st picking of strawberries.  I cleaned them, cut them and froze them.  I plan on doing the jam thing a little later in the season when I have more.


IMG_1982      IMG_1983

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Does anyone know if growing sweet potatoes is the same as growing reg. potatoes?


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