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Container Garden… again

Just thought I would let all of you know what is growing best in my garden.  Hint, it isn’t IN my garden.  I have a few pots filled with salad mixes along my walk way, up to my front door.  My house faces East, so they get the cool morning sun.  Being a cool weather crop, that makes them oh so happy.  I have a few little hoppy friends that have made themselves a home deep in the jungle of the pot.  I don’t mind, and my daughter has to say “Hi froggy” every time we walk by.  So again, don’t have room for a garden?  Sure you do.  Put it in a pot, and it’s not to late for some of it

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Those Plastic Pots… What to do?

I was at The Redmond Greenhouse today.  I didn’t need a thing, but it was calling my name.  They have a wonderful Worm Bin set up.  They also have numerous types of composters for sale if you might be needing one.  Anyway, I noticed on my way out of the driveway that they collect unwanted plastic pots that your plants come in.  I see on Craigslist all of the time people trying to get rid of theirs.  So, if you have some and do not need them you can always take them to The Redmond Greenhouse and they will recycle them for you.  Yipee!!!

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