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Great Insight…check it out

Since my last pity party about how I hate everything winter, I decided to read a book.  I figured if I couldn’t DO anything, I could at least educate myself more while I wait for warm weather.

So, I went to the library and picked up a book .  Now,  I have never been a “reader”.  I just couldn’t seem to get through a book, until this one.  So for me, finishing this book meant more than just what I got from it.  It was quite an accomplishment for me, plus I liked the book.  I tend to be drawn more to the tried and true stories than the instruction manuals.  Don’t get me wrong, I use them too, but I really think that knowing this story had been lived made me want to turn the page.  The book…

Farewell, My Subaru

best described as “One man tries to kick oil, live locally and keep his goats out of the rose bushes” Check this one out if you haven’t already.

A couple of months ago I watched a movie that I can honestly say changed the way I thought about my food.  I realized that I didn’t know half as much as I thought about my food (call me naive).  I grew up raising my own pork, chickens and beef and so did everyone around me.  I was under the impression that most animals were raised the way that we raised ours.  When you came to my neighborhood/town/county/state you saw and still see acres of farm land with cattle roaming on plenty of space, eating grass.  To me, that is how we did it.  WRONG.  That apparently, is not the way things are done for your local “grocery store USA”.  The movie…

Food, Inc.

best described as “You’ll never look at dinner the same way” This is a MUST see

If you have any thoughts on these feel free to let me know.  Also, I am looking for cook books that focus on ingredients in the garden.  If anyone knows of any, I would love to hear about it.


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Good to Know

For anyone who lives in Central Oregon, I have ran into some information that I thought I would share with all of you.

1)Redmond Community Organic Gardenwill have a Grand Opening Sat, May 30th, from 12:00 to 3:00.  They have 18 raised beds available for lease.  724 SW 14th (off SW Glacier), 541.390.1594



2)OSU Extension Office offers a Food Safety/Preservation Hotline, for any preserving questions you may have, Monday-Thursday 9:00 to 4:00, 1.800.354.7319

3)OSU Extension Office Food Preservation Publications

June 18 Low Sugar Spreads

June 25 Jams, Jellies, & Syrups

July 8 Pie Fillings

August 11 Pickles

August 20 Flavored Oils and Vinegars abd Gift Baskets

September 17 Pressure Canning and Smoke Fish

Call 541.548.6088 to register

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No room to Garden? Yes you do!!!


I have referenced to EnviroMom before as they come up with some great stuff.  This is another one of those brilliant posts. 

I absolutely LOVE this.  I have plenty of space for my garden and this makes me want to strap a piece of gutter onto a wall and plant.  I really think I am going to.  Now obviousally there is no root vegi’s going on here, but let the greens grow!!!  Herbs and yummy strawberries too.  There are no excuses for not growing something edible this year.  Get plantin’.


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Random Useful Facts (I think)

I subscribe to a blog called Enviromom, they are a great inspiration of a green way of life to shoot for.  I say shoot for because it has always been my motto that you do not have to do everything, just do something.  Everyone can tweak little things in their lives to live a greener lifestyle.  Anyway, there last post was short and to the point.  I thought it was great enough to spread it on. 


Evidently Michelle Obama is on her way to digging up a plot of grass at the White House and replacing it with a garden of  organic vegetables.  How cool is that?  It isn’t like she NEEDS to do it, I am pretty sure that there is enough food over there.  So good for her!!!  Way to set an example not only for the country, but for her girls.  Maybe a compost is on the way???  It could happen!!!


Next on the docket… The Farmer’s Almanac.  It was brought to my attention that I really should look into the Almanac, as it is pretty reliable.  So, today I decided to read up on what it has to say.  Of course, I will only spend time to tell all of you if it tells me what I want to hear.  LOL!  I have yet to get really into it, but what I did see makes me say “I knew that I knew what I was doing”. 

Today is the 22nd and you should plant your cabbage, and yesterday you should have been starting your vegi seeds indoors.

The bottom line…  At least this year,  if you need conformation because you are chomping at the bit and everyone else says WAIT, read the Farmer’ Almanac.  It made me smile!!!

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The County Fair, that’s right, the fair!


OK, I know that is onlys  March but I think it is time to start planning for your county fair entries. 

I have always been involved in the fair.  When I was younger I spent many weeks at the Coos County Fair.  I felt very comfortable in the livestock barn, the poultry barn, and all of those other buildings that contained flowers, vegetables, and photography.  I have put a whole plethora of things in that fair.  With the Coos County Fair in mind, I decided to make the move and enter random things in the Deschutes County Fair (slightly bigger than the Coos Co. Fair).  I couldn’t possibly do this alone, so I had Cameron partake as well.  Besides, when the kids have an entry @ the fair, they get in FREE!  Whoo Hoo!  So, Cam found a recipe in a Paula Deen Cookbook and made a bird feeder in the “Recycled Art” category.  I thought I had some recipes that were worth presenting and some great shots of the kids.   I thought my bread was to die for, not just because I think so, I have been told so (I wouldn’t want you to think I am vain).  What did I win @ that  fair???NOTHING, that’s right, zip.  Cam on the other hand (and Paula Deen) did well with a 2nd place ribbon (that means $$$, people).  Once I got off of my high horse, I decided I will be back with a vengeance in 2009.  I’m all over it this year, small town girl is ready for the “big” fair!

The Relevance:     Well, I think everyone should be involve.  Seriously, if you are thinking “I cant do anything”, there’s a category for you.  Anyone can do something at the fair.  So, start thinking about what you will be putting in your county fair, and do it,



this site might help if you are in Deschutes Co.

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