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Those Plastic Pots… What to do?

I was at The Redmond Greenhouse today.  I didn’t need a thing, but it was calling my name.  They have a wonderful Worm Bin set up.  They also have numerous types of composters for sale if you might be needing one.  Anyway, I noticed on my way out of the driveway that they collect unwanted plastic pots that your plants come in.  I see on Craigslist all of the time people trying to get rid of theirs.  So, if you have some and do not need them you can always take them to The Redmond Greenhouse and they will recycle them for you.  Yipee!!!


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 Terrebonne Community Green Group






 Monthly Meetings to discuss…


*Our Community/Environment




*Sustainable Living




*And Much More



New Members Welcome.  The concept is really simple: share our advice with others, get great ideas to try, and the environment will benefit.  So bring your questions, concerns, ideas, and comments and join us and we will better our community!


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Does anyone know where I might be able to get 50 gallon plastic drums?  If the whole top came off that would even be better.

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Coming Soon:

Terrebonne Community Green Group

Questions?  Please comment and I will be glad answer.


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Guess What?




The gardening stuff is coming out.  Bi-Mart (I love) has potato, onion and garlic.  Of course I bought them.  Everyone is getting there seeds out.   All this means in Central Oregon of course is that they are getting my hopes up to plant and I will fail and have to do it all over again.  It seems to be a yearly tradition.  I am serious this year.  No kidding around with the garden.  The weather WILL cooperate and those plants WILL produce like no other.  Right?  Right!

Moral of the story is that you should not be fooled by those evil stores.  It’s not time.  Bummer.

Question for anyone that knows the answer: 

Can I transplant my mixed  spring bulbs from my rental to my home right now?  There mine and I want them back!!! LOL

Where can I get Bone Meal and Blood Meal the cheapest?

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The Chicken Coop… Part 1

Another one of my “spring” projects is a chicken coop.  I am sure this will be quite the undertaking because it has to fit all of my chickens.  That’s right all 2 of them.  I only really need one, but I couldn’t let her be lonely.  I am not sure what I am more excited about the fresh eggs or the poo for my compost!

Today Jim, Cam, Addi and I went to pick up the wood to start the project.  Huge Thank You to our long time friends the Capps Family!!!  I am pretty indecisive so I know how big the coop will be and the rest I will figure out along the way.  I am sure that’s how all great plans start, right???  This is Part 1 for a reason, be prepared for the play by plays.


The Chicken Coop 2-15-09

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What I am Doing

So, I would imaging some of you are saying “What do you do”. Well, last year I gave the whole worm bin a shot. I made my own bin out of a Rubbermaid container. I was doing good for a while and then I got fruit flies. I couldn’t seem to get rid of them so I put those worms in the compost pile and that was the end of the worm bin. I guess you could say that I have decided to give it another shot. This time I purchased a worm composter from Craigslist. Not only did I get a deal, but I was able to recycle someone else’s “trash”. Now I have ordered more worms from Dan the Worm Man. You can also go to .  Dan the Worm Man is the best price that I have found.  So, now I am awaiting the arrival of my 1 lb. of Red Wigglers.  I’ll keep you posted


This is the worm bin I have now

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