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OPRAH, thats right, Oprah

I hope that you were able to watch Oprah today (4-22-09).  I know, I know, normal people work and have lives.  I never have time for t.v. during the day anymore, but today was Earth Day.  I took part in my 2nd annual Oprah Earth Day program.  Last year was good, Julia Roberts was on and they showed how vermicomposting works.  This year was exceptional, if you did not see it you need to go on line and watch it.  You will not be disappointed.  I promise.  I felt myself wanting to cry through most it.  I am hoping that was a normal reaction, I think so????  Anyhoo I never push things unless I mean it, and I mean it, check it out!

On another note of being the proud parent that I am…  My son came home from school today asking if he and his friends could go up and down the street picking up trash.  I am so tickled with his compassion!



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Q and A

tt0126230My neighbor Kendra had some great questions that I thought I would attempt to answer.  I am choosing to answer them in a post because I thought that they might be able to help others as well. 

Where to get manure to blend in with the garden

I frequently see manure being advertised on Craigs List.  Typically it is free, sometimes they will offer to deliver for a small fee.  I would recommend looking for “aged” manure.  Don’t worry if it is mixed with shavings and straw, the more the merrier, it is all great for the garden.  Regular or fresh manure is “hot”  and could burn your plants. 

Kendra had concerns with having time to start and maintain a vegetable garden

I would suggest starting small.  Even a patio garden is better than no garden.  If you don’t have time to prepare a garden maybe you could start this year with pots.  I have a garden and I have mescalin mix in pots on the patio just for fun.  Just make sure that they have enough space to grow properly.  You wont be able to feed the family for the year, but trust me it’s enough to give you the bug to really want that garden for next year.

What do I have the worms for

I have worms in the worm bin for easy composting.  Call me lazy, but it is pretty nice to open the garage door and the worm bin is right there.  I have worms in the compost pile too.  They were thrown out there when my worm bin failed last year.  This is working out nicely because it is moving the pile along even faster than without them.  So to answer the short version answer would be for quicker composting .

Thanks for the question, it makes me feel like someone is reading.  LOL!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

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“The worms are here! The worms are here!”

I am so excited to announce one of my many spring projects is complete. 

 The worm composter is up and running.


The worms have arrived!!!


They came in two recycled margarine containers


My son Cameron was my photographer.  A little blurry, but here are the worms (red wigglers).


Wetting the bedding


moist but not to wet


This is the worm bin I got from a nice woman off of Craigslist.


some scraps we have been putting aside for the worms arrival


Cameron cut up the orange and apple to help the worms along.


We added used coffee grounds, the bedding and finally the worms.

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What I am Doing

So, I would imaging some of you are saying “What do you do”. Well, last year I gave the whole worm bin a shot. I made my own bin out of a Rubbermaid container. I was doing good for a while and then I got fruit flies. I couldn’t seem to get rid of them so I put those worms in the compost pile and that was the end of the worm bin. I guess you could say that I have decided to give it another shot. This time I purchased a worm composter from Craigslist. Not only did I get a deal, but I was able to recycle someone else’s “trash”. Now I have ordered more worms from Dan the Worm Man. You can also go to findworms.com .  Dan the Worm Man is the best price that I have found.  So, now I am awaiting the arrival of my 1 lb. of Red Wigglers.  I’ll keep you posted


This is the worm bin I have now

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Hi, my name is Dawn Robison.  I am a wife, mother of two, hair stylist, PTO member, Bunco player and huge into wanting everyone to take part in bettering not only their community, but the earth.  I don’t think that means that everyone needs to do everything “green”.  Doing what you can makes a difference.  If that means that you can just start a worm bin or just use reusable bags at the store then you are on your way.   

I have high hopes for this blog and what it represents.  I want this to be the place that you can ask question, tell us about your wonderful idea, and share some great green news you just heard.    I have been so inspired by other peoples blogs and websites.    I hope that this can become a great place for you to be inspired.  So PLEASE, don’t be shy, let us know what your thinking!!!


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